[AG-TECH] Echo cancellers for unbalanced audio?

Darin Oman darin at ucar.edu
Thu Jun 3 12:14:12 CDT 2004

Although they have their quirks, we've had pretty good luck with ClearOne's Accumic system. They work for an average-sized conference room, but I wouldn't recommend them for anything large like an auditorium.


On 6/3/2004 at 10:30 AM Jon Johansson wrote:

>Has anyone found an echo canceller that will fit into 
>a completely unbalanced audio system? I'm putting 
>together a new node with some existing equipment
>(a very nice home stereo system). I'd like to 
>plug the equipment together with 1/8" stereo jacks
>without any rewiring of connections. If you've found
>a suitable echo canceller I appreciate hearing about it.
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