[AG-TECH] AGtk2.2 video input (winnov)

Cindy Sievers sievers at lanl.gov
Thu Jun 3 12:15:22 CDT 2004


I just installed AGtk 2.2 on a XP machine (single machine node w/ a Winnov 
Videum 4400 video capture card)....everything is working fine except it 
again only sees 1 video input stream....I changed the registry on my 2.1.2 
machine to display all 4 streams, but now, after upgrading to 2.2, I seem 
to have lost all but one stream...the registry is still modified to reflect 
a unique source for each video stream, but only one is displayed in vic.

I noticed that there is no option for "search for video devices"  under 
2.2....does it automatically search for camera input devices?  I can't seem 
to define the input devices anywhere.  In 2.1.2, when I added a 
VideoProducer service, I selected from a list of resources.  I don't see 
any such list in 2.2. Am I missing some crucial step?  I tried selecting 
VideoService, and can see incoming video, but only one outgoing stream of 
mine.  I tried selecting VideoConsumerService, and I can see all incoming 
video. When I select VideoProducerService, I am only given an option to 
enter a port number....I see no outgoing video streams of mine.
Should I be selecting just the VideoService?


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