[AG-TECH] H263

Andrew Swan aswan at cs.berkeley.edu
Thu Jan 22 01:06:53 CST 2004

Gurcharan S. Khanna wrote:
> can you even do 640x480 with non-omvic? i thought i tried some time ago
> and never got that to work for some reason.

as long as you use h.261, all you can do is 352x288 or 176x144
(also called cif or qcif).  this isn't a shortcoming of vic,
it is part of the h.261 standard.  the bitstream syntax simply
doesn't have a way to specify arbitrary frame resolution, all
it has is a single bit to select cif or qcif.

there are various patches floating around to implement h.263
in uclvic which could probably be applied to agvic without too
much trouble but as far as i know, omvic is the only one being
actively worked on...


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