Fw: [AG-TECH] XAP setup

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Dec 27 13:51:08 CST 2004

Make sure you don't have any loopback audio paths configured - if you 
tap on a mic, you should not hear anything from the speakers (unless you 
have explicitly and carefully configured the setup for reinforcement. 
You might get this in the audio computer looping line in to line out.


Natalia Costas Lago wrote:

> I think we have identified when the problem occurs,... when setting 
> the AEC or NLP (not neccesarily AEC selected) the full duplex 
> capabilities are lost (i play a sound with a PIG and talk at the same 
> time... my voice is completely atenuated!).
> Is this all I can get from the XAP?. There's no way to get _complete_ 
> full duplex and AEC free?. Our users have noticed the effect (when 
> people talk at the same time one is atenuated).
> Any hint about this? Can any site have a test with us?
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>> Hi,
>> I was wondering wether someone out there could help me to solve some 
>> issues
>> regarding the XAP. It would be good if he/she had the VNC on the control
>> PC, so i can have a look at the audio levels on the different stages. I
>> think part of the current problem might be missconfigured audio 
>> levels (i
>> know about theory in mics level.. but i am unsure about the input audio
>> theory).
>> We've been working hard on these issues and we are still having 
>> trouble. I
>> would greatly appreciate some more help and patience from AG 
>> community...
>> Kind regards and thanx in advance,
>> Natalia.
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