Fw: [AG-TECH] XAP setup

Natalia Costas Lago natalia at cesga.es
Mon Dec 27 13:29:33 CST 2004

I think we have identified when the problem occurs,... when setting the AEC 
or NLP (not neccesarily AEC selected) the full duplex capabilities are lost 
(i play a sound with a PIG and talk at the same time... my voice is 
completely atenuated!).

Is this all I can get from the XAP?. There's no way to get _complete_ full 
duplex and AEC free?. Our users have noticed the effect (when people talk at 
the same time one is atenuated).

Any hint about this? Can any site have a test with us?

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Subject: [AG-TECH] XAP setup

> Hi,
> I was wondering wether someone out there could help me to solve some 
> issues
> regarding the XAP. It would be good if he/she had the VNC on the control
> PC, so i can have a look at the audio levels on the different stages. I
> think part of the current problem might be missconfigured audio levels (i
> know about theory in mics level.. but i am unsure about the input audio
> theory).
> We've been working hard on these issues and we are still having trouble. I
> would greatly appreciate some more help and patience from AG community...
> Kind regards and thanx in advance,
> Natalia.
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