[AG-TECH] Re: XAP full duplex issues

Natalia Costas Lago natalia at cesga.es
Fri Dec 17 02:28:45 CST 2004

I noticed running a node against a PIG and a node against another node, but 
the other node has our XAP configuration (we are helping them with their AG 

Both can notice the distortion, but it is easier to have a third person 
connected for him/her to realize about the problem.

Yeah, u can notice on rat the dropouts, when i speak steadily (saying one 
vowel for a few seconds for example) and the other person speaks at the same 
thime, i can appreciate the behaviour in rat.

I am guessing about the problem, and I made a few changes in our 
configuration. I would really be interested in testing if you can.

I'll be available the whole day (till 15:00 - UTC +1). Or we can test next 
week (I have an AG session in the afternoon, we can test it before or 

Kind regards,

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From: "Tom Marazita" <toad at engineering.ucsb.edu>
To: <natalia at cesga.es>
Sent: Thursday, December 16, 2004 11:38 PM
Subject: XAP full duplex issues

> Hi Natalia,
> I had a similar experience recently also.  It might be
> the same problem.  Let me ask you a couple of questions
> to determine if the situation is similar:
> 1) Does it occur only when you are talking with
> a PIG?  Or does it also happen when you are talking
> to other sites with echo cancellation (like with
> a Gentner)?
> 2) Are you the only person who notices the
> distortion?  Or does the person at the PIG end
> also experience something similar?
> 3) Do you notice any dropouts on the traffic
> matrix under RAT?
> Let me know about the above.  If it sounds like
> the same thing I experience, I'd be happy to
> talk with you further about my experience, and
> perhaps we could even run some tests.
> Thanks,
> Tom
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> Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004 08:34:03 +0100
> From: "Natalia Costas Lago" <natalia at cesga.es>
> Subject: [AG-TECH] XAP full duplex issues
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> Hi everybody,
> We are having a particular issue with our XAP400 (with "we" I mean, the =
> University of Vigo and CESGA in Spain). We have full duplex problems. =
> For instance, whenever I talk with a PIG (someone upstairs talking using =
> a headset) my audio is decreased and distorted, same with Univ. of Vigo. =
> As CESGA is helping with our experience to set up UVIGO's node, we are =
> probably making the same mistake.=20
> I would really appreciate some help fixing this issues and some testing =
> with a node with very good audio quality: no noise, no echo, no =
> distortion, no feedback and natural speech. We need the AG to have this =
> high audio quality parameters and this XAP has still many handlers to =
> work out in our case.
> Thanking you in advance.
> Kind regards,
> Natalia.

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