[AG-TECH] Room node speaker suggestions?

Osland, CD (Chris) C.D.Osland at rl.ac.uk
Fri Dec 17 08:49:13 CST 2004


I'm intrigued that 'a few of' your Genelecs have developed this
problem.  Genelecs are much used in broadcasting because of their
reliability and for several speakers, albeit active ones, to develop
such a fault is, I would assume, rather rare.  If they're still
within guarantee get them back to the supplier asap; if not, it
may still be worth getting one looked at in case you had a number
of units from a batch that had a problem - something like capactitors
drying out?  Have they been subjected to any heat extremes?

Although the 1029s seem a bit over-specced for the job being asked
of them, good reproduction of speech is surprisingly difficult,
and one advantage that active speakers have over amp + passive
speakers is that it is comparatively easy to include comprehensive
overload protection (as the amp manufacturer knows exactly the
power spectrum that the speaker can handle without cracking up)
and so can weather unintentionally loud sites joining in.  There
are other active speakers that undercut the Genelecs, but I would
not be happy to (for instance) halve the amount I spent on the
speaker system, compared to the Genelecs, because I would be
worried that they would not handle the transients in speech
signals, or might blow when a +30 dB signal joins the room.



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> Subject: [AG-TECH] Room node speaker suggestions?
> Hi,
> Does anyone have suggestions for powered speakers/monitors 
> that are less 
> expensive than the recommended Genelec 1029A, but still work 
> well in an AG 
> room node?
> A few of our Genelecs have started to produce a hissing noise 
> (replacing a 
> hissing speaker with non-hissing Genelec speaker stops the 
> hissing and 
> vice versa).  Since they cost about $550, it would be nice to know if 
> anyone is successfully using something cheaper (preferably 
> with an XLR 
> input option) that performs well enough for AG meetings in a 
> room node.
> Also, hints on how to reduce hissing or prevent damage to existing 
> Genelecs are welcome.
> Thanks,
> Eric

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