[AG-TECH] Room node speaker suggestions?

Eric Olson eolson at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Dec 15 15:52:15 CST 2004

Does anyone have suggestions for powered speakers/monitors that are less 
expensive than the recommended Genelec 1029A, but still work well in an AG 
room node?

A few of our Genelecs have started to produce a hissing noise (replacing a 
hissing speaker with non-hissing Genelec speaker stops the hissing and 
vice versa).  Since they cost about $550, it would be nice to know if 
anyone is successfully using something cheaper (preferably with an XLR 
input option) that performs well enough for AG meetings in a room node.

Also, hints on how to reduce hissing or prevent damage to existing 
Genelecs are welcome.


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