[AG-TECH] Room node speaker suggestions?

Adam Taylor accessgrid at ulm.edu
Thu Dec 16 08:52:54 CST 2004

We have been using 2 RCA home theater speaker boxes (6"low, 3"mid, 1"high)
and a radio shack MPA-250 2 channel amplifier.  It accepts rca type imputs
however.  We got around that by using an unused channel on the ATI
matchmaker 110 to convert the XAP800 (XLR) to rca.  It's mono at the moment
but can be stereo with another matchmaker.  It's cost was around 149 for the
amplifier and 49 for each speaker.

And here is where my opinion comes in :-)  I have been in another grid room
that has those 550 each speakers and I can't honestly hear any difference
between those and the mine.

My two cents....

Adam Taylor
Computing Center
University of Louisiana at Monroe

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Does anyone have suggestions for powered speakers/monitors that are less 
expensive than the recommended Genelec 1029A, but still work well in an AG 
room node?

A few of our Genelecs have started to produce a hissing noise (replacing a 
hissing speaker with non-hissing Genelec speaker stops the hissing and 
vice versa).  Since they cost about $550, it would be nice to know if 
anyone is successfully using something cheaper (preferably with an XLR 
input option) that performs well enough for AG meetings in a room node.

Also, hints on how to reduce hissing or prevent damage to existing 
Genelecs are welcome.


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