[AG-TECH] RE: AG secure mode default

Ivan R. Judson judson at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Dec 15 08:31:47 CST 2004

Hi Socrates,

> I noticed some recent updates in the CVS head of AGTk, in 
> particular those related to "secure mode" now becoming the 
> default. These changes appear in /bin and /AccessGrid 
> directories, and sounds like good news for IPv6'ing the toolkit.

I think you meant "insecure" being the default, and yes, I'm hoping these
help you, among other things it makes easier...
> I was wondering whether "commented out and/or removed 
> event/text use" (as it says in your CVS comments) is 
> something temporary.

It's an interim solution, however, the way we put event/text back in will be
significantly different from the way it is now. We'll have to see how that
impacts what you guys are doing, but I suspect it will help, not hurt ipv6
> And also, whether you have set a time frame for making the 
> release (without Globus).

We haven't set a time yet, there's a substantial amount of work to do; we're
shooting for spring, but I can't honestly say if that'll be early or late
spring with any confidence at all. Sorry about that.


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