[AG-TECH] Rat errors on FC3

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Mon Dec 6 01:49:34 CST 2004

Hi Aaron,

> I've just upgraded the machines on our access grid, and have FC3 installed
> on them and AG2.3.  When the venue client tries to speak to the service
> manager on the audio capture box, I receive these errors;
> Couldn't set mixer playback volume: Invalid argument
> rat-4.2.22-media: simple.c:1832: snd_mixer_selem_set_capture_volume_all:
> Assertion `elem' failed.
> RAT v4.2.22: Could not send mbus message (24:1)
> The rat gui does not appear...
> I also received these errors on FC1 with handbuilt alsa and handbuilt
> snd_intel8x0 drivers.
> The soundcard in the box is of the intel chipset variety using the
> intel8x0 drivers using the "out of the box" FC3 install.
> Is this soundcard just not supported by rat?  Or am I missing something
> that has to be done in order for this to operate properly?

Weird, I've used the Alsa intel8x0 driver with a number of Intel chipset 
based motherboards and haven't had that problem. Are you able to change the 
mixer settings with 'alsamixer' without getting a similar assertion error 


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