[AG-TECH] Rat errors on FC3

Aaron Lafferty lafferty at oar.net
Fri Dec 3 08:46:54 CST 2004

Hi All,

I've just upgraded the machines on our access grid, and have FC3 installed
on them and AG2.3.  When the venue client tries to speak to the service
manager on the audio capture box, I receive these errors;

Couldn't set mixer playback volume: Invalid argument
rat-4.2.22-media: simple.c:1832: snd_mixer_selem_set_capture_volume_all:
Assertion `elem' failed.
RAT v4.2.22: Could not send mbus message (24:1)

The rat gui does not appear...

I also received these errors on FC1 with handbuilt alsa and handbuilt
snd_intel8x0 drivers.

The soundcard in the box is of the intel chipset variety using the
intel8x0 drivers using the "out of the box" FC3 install.

Is this soundcard just not supported by rat?  Or am I missing something
that has to be done in order for this to operate properly?


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