[AG-TECH] VIC problem, not remembering which device

Doiron, Andre Andre.Doiron at nrc-cnrc.gc.ca
Thu Aug 12 11:49:04 CDT 2004

Hello Benedikt,
	After you add the VideoProducers (in the node manager) right click
on these entries under the Services list. And select configure. Set the
camera you would like to use. Close that window, now in the Node Manager
save the configuration so that the cameras settings are saved and loaded
next time.

Hope this helps,

André Doiron
55 Crowley Farm
Moncton, New Brunswick 

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I'm trying to configure VIC. This is a room node, that has been running
AG2.1 handling 3 cameras (actually only 2 successfully, but that is
another matter).

I've set up AG2.2 along side it, and it has worked "ok". Main problem is
that I can't make VIC understand that I have two cameras (actually 3, but
I will settle for two, as that is what the older version managed to

I add 3 instances of VideoProducer and one VideoConsumer. Save the
settings as default. No problem. Then I hit Menu on those VICs to assign
each one their own camera, which is no problem. But when I exit the venue,
and go to a new venue, the vics have forgotten those instructions and all
broadcast from the same camera.

How can I configure it so they don't act so foolishly?


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