[AG-TECH] VIC problem, not remembering which device

Benedikt Bjarni Bogason benedib at hi.is
Thu Aug 12 13:00:07 CDT 2004

Unfortunatly there is no option there to select cameras (not in 2.2, there
is one in 2.1.2). Only thing I could configure is "port:" in which field i
wrote "external-in" as that is how it is in my 2.1.2 settings (although
there it is on a dropdown menu.)


> Hello Benedikt,
> 	After you add the VideoProducers (in the node manager) right click
> on these entries under the Services list. And select configure. Set the
> camera you would like to use. Close that window, now in the Node Manager
> save the configuration so that the cameras settings are saved and loaded
> next time.
> Hope this helps,
> André Doiron
> 55 Crowley Farm
> Moncton, New Brunswick
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> Hello.
> I'm trying to configure VIC. This is a room node, that has been running
> AG2.1 handling 3 cameras (actually only 2 successfully, but that is
> another matter).
> I've set up AG2.2 along side it, and it has worked "ok". Main problem is
> that I can't make VIC understand that I have two cameras (actually 3, but
> I will settle for two, as that is what the older version managed to
> handle.)
> I add 3 instances of VideoProducer and one VideoConsumer. Save the
> settings as default. No problem. Then I hit Menu on those VICs to assign
> each one their own camera, which is no problem. But when I exit the venue,
> and go to a new venue, the vics have forgotten those instructions and all
> broadcast from the same camera.
> How can I configure it so they don't act so foolishly?
> Regards,
> Benedikt.

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