[AG-TECH] bootable live cd iso avalaible to download [CMM #1690]

Joseph joseph at cs.usyd.edu.au
Wed Aug 11 18:42:18 CDT 2004

On Tue, 10 Aug 2004 08:34:53 -0400, Bob Riddle <bdr at internet2.edu> wrote:

> well ... it sort of works ... except that RAT doesn't appear at all &  
> vic doesn't appear to "send" video.  I did thru the files and found vic  
> & rat & started them by hand ...

You are the second person telling me of such trouble. It didn't happen  
here and so I need to give it a closer look. I will send you a "personal"  

> BTW -  this is normally a WinXP machine that I run an AG- PIG on.  A  
> great idea that seems close - if we send in all our "what I did to get  
> it to work on my system" to you will that end up in the distribution or  
> on a web-page somewhere?

I'm not sure to catch it exactly but if you wonder if I will upgrade the  
current iso with some feedbacks from users' experiences, for sure I will  
do it !


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