[AG-TECH] bootable live cd iso avalaible to download [CMM #1690]

Joseph joseph at cs.usyd.edu.au
Wed Aug 11 20:09:24 CDT 2004


I just would like to add a few comments. This iso is build with AG2.2 and  
AG2.3 beta is already released. I think it's cleverer for my to work on  
packaging 2.3 for Debian then build a new bootable live cd for AG2.3 than  
spending too much time on solving the issues with 2.2... I understand than  
resolving problems is  very important, but it's not this much the case for  
an "old" version of AG, in particular in the current context.

I hope you will understand my position. I will do my best to release a new  
bootable live cd with AG2.3 soon !


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