[AG-TECH] Osprey Cards....... Desperation

Randy Groves randy.groves at boeing.com
Mon Aug 9 10:21:56 CDT 2004

The Osprey cards can be set in VidCap as well - select CIF if there isn't a 
352x288 selection.


At 06:15 PM 8/6/2004, John I Quebedeaux Jr wrote:
>Great. On WinXP - on the 288x352 question, I did it by using Regedit... 
>from a previous tip awhile back.
>Bring up regedit (for me: command prompt, type regedit)
>Look for: HKEY_CURRENT_USER --> Software --> Osprey --> Osprey100 --> 
>Device0 (you should have as many devices as cards installed 0 through x) 
>--> VcDll
>Select VcDll and look for Width and Height. Width is 352 (or 160 in hex) 
>and Height is 288 (or 120 in hex).
>Rinse and repeat for each card (device).
>If there is another way to do this, I'd love to know. For the WDM I was 
>able to do it through VidCap I believe and set it to 288x352 there for my 
>4th card.
>-John Q.
>On Aug 6, 2004, at 6:40 PM, Bob Riddle wrote:
>>I'm running on WinXP with AG 2.2 with 3 Osprey cards using the VFW and 
>>the "script fix" - it works just fine for me.  Remind me again - how do I 
>>fix the video to 288x352?  I just ran VidCap to set the Video source to 
>>svideo for each of the Osprey cards.
>>John I Quebedeaux Jr wrote:
>>>I now have a windows xp system with 4 osprey's running with AG 2.1.2. 
>>>You have to go back, after the initial installation of the osprey's 
>>>current version of the drivers, to install the VfW version of the 
>>>drivers. I came across documentation to do just this with the software 
>>>that came with the Osprey's. This involved getting the drivers, manually 
>>>updating the driver to the older version for each card... rinse repeat...
>>>At least, this is what worked for me. Then, fix the video to 288x352, 
>>>s-video, etc.
>>>Then, the problem I had was with 4 cards - while the osprey software 
>>>would see them just fine and they were all registered - but somehow the 
>>>4th card wouldn't show up on the list available in the VideoProducer. 
>>>What would show up was the WDM driver. So, I had one of the osprey's go 
>>>through that instead (set in the osprey software to set defaults if I 
>>>recall correctly) and thus got all 4 cards going simultaneously. All 
>>>seems fine now. So, a little tweaking involved...
>>>Now I'm ready to try 2.2 again with some of the fixes/hacks now out 
>>>-John Q.
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