[AG-TECH] AccessGrid on a bootable live cd (Knoppix) : certificate question

Thomas D. Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Aug 3 09:21:10 CDT 2004

Joseph wrote:
> Hi
> I've recently worked on putting AccessGrid2.2 on a bootable live cd 
> called  Knoppix. It works well, except for one last trouble : the 
> certificate. In  fact, when I build the iso, I can't launch AG, so I 
> can't configure the  certificate in the normal way before burning the 
> cd. So, each time I boot  with my cd, I have to import a certificate 
> (and define a profile).
> I have tried to copy a /home/nameofuser/.AccessGrid folder in my cd 
> iso,  but then, when AG starts, it tells me there is no private key and 
> the  certificate isn't effective. I still have to import a good one (but 
> the  profile is ok).

We should look at the log files (or debug output) to understand why it's 
failing to use the certificate.

> So, could you tell me what to add/copy to my iso to be sure I won't 
> have  to import a valid certificate each time ? I don't mean I don't 
> want to  give the passphrase, it's just I would prefer not to fill the 
> profile and  then importing a certificate each time.
> BTW, I'm curently using my own certificate. However, this bootable live 
> cd  might be used by different people and so I was wondering whether a  
> certificate named "bootablelivecd.pem" or something like this might be  
> better. It would not be a real person, and multiple bootable live cds  
> could be used at the same time (I'm most probably just dreaming, but 
> who  knows?), so you, the AG team, might prefer a particular solution. 
> Just  tell me.

Do multiple users log in, or just one?  If there is a generic user, you 
should be able to create a .AccessGrid directory for that user with an 
anonymous certificate (we issue these now), and have everything work fine.

Again, if this doesn't work, we can look at logfiles to determine the 


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