[AG-TECH] AccessGrid on a bootable live cd (Knoppix) :

Michael Miller mimiller at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Tue Aug 3 08:13:08 CDT 2004


AG2 uses AGTK_USER to identify where a users' .AccessGrid (or equiv) 
directory is.  Would it be simple enough to have the CD write a script that 
users could quickly edit/save/run, then run the AG software?  Perhaps you 
could have it open up in a text editor on boot.  That way you don't have to 
worry about finding a particular drive or net service and the user is asked 
to do minimal configuration.

Just my $0.02

Michael Miller

At 12:43 AM 8/3/2004, Joseph wrote:
>>One of the things we talked about a while back was a bootable cd for the
>>OS/code and a USB memory stick (or flash drive, or whatever) holding the
>>dynamic/writeable and user-specific data (like certs). So just give
>>people a memory stick to plug in and boot off the CD. Would that work?
>>It'd require some additional script tweaks I imagine to go look for the
>>memory stick...?
>I think it should work, at least some people do so to use Knoppix, so
>after a few tweaks it should be the case. However, it's not exactly the
>aim we have currently here, in Vislab. It's mainly to have a few to show
>AG easily everywhere, for demonstration and first trial. However, it
>should be possible, it's sure, I will look it closer if I have the time.
>>Another option could be to look on the network for the data - booting
>>off a CD or network image, and grabbing the data from some ssl-based
>Something close may possible indeed. It requires some work too but it's
>possible. If there is a real interest in such solution I could take some
>time to look at it closer.
>However, first, I would like to have a "stand alone" bootable live cd
>working. What is required currently is simpler than that : just to know
>what to copy on my iso in order to have the certificate rightly installed.
>I guessed copying an user .AccessGrid folder is part of the answer, but
>just this doesn't work. Is there a way to do it ?
>    Joseph


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