[AG-TECH] Mac OS X Progress, RAT is being stuborn

Jerome jeremy.knope at gmail.com
Mon Aug 2 21:08:06 CDT 2004

I was kind of interesting in compiling it against the native tcl/tk,
but unsure about changing tcl to enlarge the UI widgets, think it's
not bad? i know nothing of Tcl, but if it's probably somewhat obvious
to find widget sizes maybe i can manage, just probably takes time to
go thru it all and find everything?  cvs AccessGrid at least looks
a-ok in OS X, widget sizes all fixed.  and think QuickTime broadcaster
is a workable solution for transmission?  i haven't had a chance to
test it yet beyond local stuff, vic on my PC can pick up QTB's
multicast video transmission, about all i've been able to check,
anybody else experiment with this?  all i have is an iSight so not
much options it seems

On Mon, 2 Aug 2004 18:31:47 -0700, Andrew Swan <aswan at cs.berkeley.edu> wrote:
> Jerome wrote:
> > yeah i just recently got the OS X open mash build, the vic as a viewer
> > seems to work except when i join the lobby and then it quits with too
> > many files error after trying to load all of the streams
> > haven't really tried vat much beyond it opening for the lobby
> > i'm interesting in checking into possibly rebuilding it against OS X
> > Tcl/Tk if i can get the source with the os x changes.
> whoops, i should have read this thread before responding to your
> previous mail.  in any case, i have some patches to build mash
> against the native tcl/tk but the patches themselves aren't
> quite polished enough to check in to the main mash cvs repository.
> of more concern though, is the fact that the vic ui looks terrible
> with the native mac widgets.  in particular, the buttons are too
> small.  there are other annoyances too but they were enough that
> i figured it was best to just stick with the x-windows based
> version until somebody is interested in putting real effort into
> fixing up the tcl code that implements the user interface.
> is that something you're at all interested in?
> -Andrew

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