[AG-TECH] Mac OS X Progress, RAT is being stuborn

Andrew Swan aswan at cs.berkeley.edu
Tue Aug 3 02:20:12 CDT 2004

Jerome wrote:
> I was kind of interesting in compiling it against the native tcl/tk,
> but unsure about changing tcl to enlarge the UI widgets, think it's
> not bad? i know nothing of Tcl, but if it's probably somewhat obvious
> to find widget sizes maybe i can manage, just probably takes time to
> go thru it all and find everything?

yes, it's not anything conceptually complicated, just a lot of
tedious work...  if anybody is interested in native vic/mash on
mac os, please get in touch with me and i can give you some
patches to build the basic mash interpreter on os x.

> cvs AccessGrid at least looks
> a-ok in OS X, widget sizes all fixed.

i believe the accessgrid cvs version still uses x-windows on macos
with the motif-like look and feel.

> and think QuickTime broadcaster
> is a workable solution for transmission?

yes, quicktime broadcaster and the numerous versions of vic out
there are all mutually compatible.  but as far as i know, there
is no code out there to fully integrate quicktime broadcaster
with the accessgrid venue software.


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