[AG-TECH] Will the Moo resurface?

Deb Agarwal DAAgarwal at lbl.gov
Fri Apr 23 16:57:47 CDT 2004


I actually think we should consider moving to a jabber (XMPP-based)
chat instead.  This would provide something that worked inside and
outside the AG and had many other modern features.  I plan to
present this position at the AG retreat.  This presentation would
provide a good opportunity for us all to discuss what we want to
have chat be in the future and what capabilities it should have.


Michael Daw wrote:

> It seems to me that the Mud is the only interoperational text chat there is.
> In meetings that I have any hand in organising, I insist on people using the
> Mud, whether they're using AG1, AG2, VRVS, vic & rat, or the Insors Grid. It
> would be great to see it re-integrated into the standard ANL software...
> --Mike
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>>An interesting observation - how many people still do their 
>>back chat in the Mud and not in the AG2 message facility?  
>>How many people prefer the Mud?  Any plans to re-incorporate 
>>the Mud into the AG?

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