[AG-TECH] Linux Packaging News

Ivan R. Judson judson at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Apr 14 17:05:09 CDT 2004

The AG Team at ANL currently plans to supply base distribution materials and
a small number of complete end-user distributions. Additionally, we will
work with others to use these base distribution materials to create other
distributions, using our CVS, Bugzilla, testing tools and mailing lists to
coordinate the effort. If developers create packages for new platforms and
want them to become part of the standard development process, they must be
willing to support the packages they have created.

As of 2.2 (the coming release) we plan to provide:

1) windows installers
2) tarball packaging
3) basic RPM (distribution and version independent)
4) Fedora RPMSs*
5) Slackware Packages*
6) RedHat 7.3 RPMs (This is the last release we'll support RedHat 7.3)

* These have been, to date, unsupported by the AG Team at ANL. As of this
release, however, we'd like to work with the developers doing the packaging
to integrate this work into our standard development process. 

For the 2.3 release we would like to provide:

1) windows installers
2) tarball packaging
3) basic RPM (dist,version independent)
4) basic debian package
5) Fedora RPMs
6) Slackware Packages

If you are interested in supporting any particular platform (or already are)
please send email to mailto:ag-mcs at mcs.anl.gov with your contact
information, platform interest, and any other pertinent information that
might be helpful.


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