[AG-TECH] Node Setup Wizard problems

Randy Groves randy.groves at boeing.com
Wed Apr 14 01:21:40 CDT 2004

I don't remember, but aren't there instructions (or is it not possible?) 
for setting up a multiple machine node WITHOUT the Node Setup Wizard?  I'm 
running into similar problems.  Time constraints dictate just getting this 
set up - whether I use the wizard or not.


At 12:16 PM 4/13/2004, Thomas D. Uram wrote:
>Hi Mike:
>Can you try configuring your node using NodeManagement.py?  This should 
>provide additional info about the problem you're having, possibly within 
>NodeManagement itself, and probably in the log files (agns.log, agsm.log, 
>AGService.log).  This way, you can get your node set up, and we can 
>understand the problem that the node setup wizard is running into and fix it.
>Let me know what happens, and send your log files along if things don't 
>work out.
>Mike Weaver wrote:
>>I installed all prerequisites and AGTK 2.1.2 on my room node (Display:
>>Win2K, Audio:RHL 7.3, Video: RHL 7.3) and imported my certificate to all
>>3 machines.   I ran AGServiceManager.py on all machines and then
>>NodeSetupWizard.pyw from the (W2K) Display machine.  When it tries to
>>connect to the Video Capture machine, it fails.  All systems are
>>time-sync'ed and DNS-resolvable (each can ping the others).  All certs
>>(Globus & ANL CA and my ID) look fine on machines.
>>I see the AGServiceManager running on the video machine and tcpdump
>>shows traffic in both directions when the display machine attempts to
>>connect, but it still fails.  The agsm.log file on the video machine is
>>empty even with the --debug option.  The agsm.log file on the display
>>machine is also empty.  The NodeSetupWizard.log on the Display machine
>>04/13/04 12:32:52 1728 AG.NodeSetupWizard nodesetupwizard.pyw:332 INFO
>>NodeSetupWizard:VideoCaptureWindow:Validate: Service manager is not
>>Any advise would be appreciated.
>>Mike Weaver
>>Sr. Network Administrator
>>SC-31/Germantown Building
>>US Department of Energy
>>1000 Independence Avenue, SW
>>Washington, D.C. 20585-1290
>>Voice: 301-903-0072
>>Fax: 301-528-2701
>>Email: weaver at er.doe.gov

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