[AG-TECH] Node Setup Wizard problems

Thomas D. Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Apr 13 14:16:13 CDT 2004

Hi Mike:

Can you try configuring your node using NodeManagement.py?  This should 
provide additional info about the problem you're having, possibly within 
NodeManagement itself, and probably in the log files (agns.log, 
agsm.log, AGService.log).  This way, you can get your node set up, and 
we can understand the problem that the node setup wizard is running into 
and fix it.

Let me know what happens, and send your log files along if things don't 
work out.



Mike Weaver wrote:

>I installed all prerequisites and AGTK 2.1.2 on my room node (Display:
>Win2K, Audio:RHL 7.3, Video: RHL 7.3) and imported my certificate to all
>3 machines.   I ran AGServiceManager.py on all machines and then
>NodeSetupWizard.pyw from the (W2K) Display machine.  When it tries to
>connect to the Video Capture machine, it fails.  All systems are
>time-sync'ed and DNS-resolvable (each can ping the others).  All certs
>(Globus & ANL CA and my ID) look fine on machines.
>I see the AGServiceManager running on the video machine and tcpdump
>shows traffic in both directions when the display machine attempts to
>connect, but it still fails.  The agsm.log file on the video machine is
>empty even with the --debug option.  The agsm.log file on the display
>machine is also empty.  The NodeSetupWizard.log on the Display machine
>04/13/04 12:32:52 1728 AG.NodeSetupWizard nodesetupwizard.pyw:332 INFO
>NodeSetupWizard:VideoCaptureWindow:Validate: Service manager is not
>Any advise would be appreciated.
>Mike Weaver
>Sr. Network Administrator
>SC-31/Germantown Building
>US Department of Energy
>1000 Independence Avenue, SW
>Washington, D.C. 20585-1290
>Voice: 301-903-0072
>Fax: 301-528-2701
>Email: weaver at er.doe.gov

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