[AG-TECH] AG2 dies because of Life in Hours

Michael Miller mimiller at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Tue Apr 13 10:31:46 CDT 2004


We've seen that here at NCSA as well.  The workaround is to CTRL-C the 
AGServiceManager.py process before the proxy expires.  We do this after 
each AG meeting, similar to what we did with arm-eventlistener and 
vrm-eventlistener way back in the AG1 days... ;-)

There are Bugs #896 and #793 reported on this issue.

Michael Miller

At 09:56 AM 4/13/2004, Supreeya Miller wrote:
>When I ran AGServiceManager.py on the audio machine running Redhat 9.0, it
>asked the passphrase.  I gave it the password when I requested the
>certificate.  Then it asked me Life in hours [12]:, I hit enter.  Sure
>enough it died the next day.
>When this happened, and I went to a different room from the display machine,
>I did not get a new vic window of the new room, and the vic of the old room
>stayed unchanged.
>1) I went to check things on the audio machine, it said a system call
>failed.  I tried to re-run the AGServiceManager.py again, and it would not
>run until I killed the AudioService.py.
>2) I had to do a similar process on the video machine in order to run
>3) Again on the display machine, I had to kill the AGServiceManager.py
>program and re-ran it.
>Now everything was back to normal.
>The next day it died again.  Then I had to repeat the 3 steps above.
>Does this have something to do with the question "Life in hours[12]"?  If
>so, how do I get around it so that the AG will run all a time?
>If not, can you please guide me to a solution to my problem?
>Thank you.
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