[AG-TECH] New Shared Image tool

Dave Semeraro semeraro at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Mon Apr 12 15:32:22 CDT 2004

Copying the file to the shared applications area worked for me. That is how 
I moved it off of my
laptop onto the linux box. Oh well, at least you got it working. You are 
right it does need an
undo function. A refresh function that would erase all the markup would be 
good too. Maybe one
that would erase just the color you were using and no others would be 
useful. Here we go !

At 02:38 PM 4/12/2004 -0500, George Estes wrote:
>   Don't know why but just coping the file did not work for me.  I had to 
> go through the install process and it worked.   Anyway, pretty cool but 
> it needs an undo command.
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> >Hello folks,
> >
> >I finally finished adding markup capability to the shared image viewer. 
> That means that once
> >an image is loaded you can use the mouse and left mouse button to draw 
> on the image
> >with a pen. Click the left mouse button and hold it down while you draw 
> on the image. When
> >you release the left button the coordinates of what you drew are 
> uploaded to the venue and
> >all the other image viewers are updated. You will just see the image 
> change to include the
> >marks made by the user. The marks do not show up incrementally. Hey it 
> was the easiest
> >implementation.
> >
> >I also added the capability to change pen color. This is handy when 
> others are marking on

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