[AG-TECH] Problems starting up AG on RH9 on Nvidia - any solutions?

Joshua M. Brown jmb10 at uark.edu
Wed Apr 7 15:15:46 CDT 2004

> What's going on here? Anybody gotten this Nvidia card to work in RH9?  I
> should also add that I've not added any special Nvidia drivers to this
> machine.  Just using whatever got loaded with RH9.

i don't know if this can fix your problem for you or not, but yes, nvidia
provides an excellent pack of drivers for linux. If they do not have one
prebuilt for you, the package will compile a new driver for your machine.
You'll need to visit the site and grab the latest. Gotta love nvidia.

i have a dual head nvidia on RH9 at home...the x86config file took some
tweaking though. i strongly suggest *always* backing up your config file
before making any changes.


> Thanks!!
> -randy

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