[AG-TECH] Soundblaster Live! input routed to output?

Michael Miller mimiller at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Wed Apr 7 12:24:23 CDT 2004


I just wanted to check that you did open alsamixer and mute the "Analog 
Loopback" setting.  The mixer doesn't always show you all the sliders at 
once.  Make sure you move to the right as far as you can go.  That's where 
I found the loopback setting for my cirrus based card.

Michael Miller

At 12:10 PM 4/7/2004, Dwight D.McKay wrote:
>We're experiencing a strange problem with a new room node. The audio 
>machine is using a new, soundblaster live! card that seems to route the 
>analog line input to the analog line output no matter what we do. We've 
>tried both the RedHat 9 sounds drivers and ALSA.
>On an earlier model Soundblaster (128?), we needed to use emu-dspmgr and 
>change the routing on the card to avoid this problem. On this card, the 
>similar routing trick doesn't seem to work.
>Has anyone seen this and found a solution?
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