[AG-TECH] Soundblaster Live! input routed to output?

Dwight D.McKay mckay at purdue.edu
Wed Apr 7 12:10:30 CDT 2004


We're experiencing a strange problem with a new room node. The audio 
machine is using a new, soundblaster live! card that seems to route the 
analog line input to the analog line output no matter what we do. We've 
tried both the RedHat 9 sounds drivers and ALSA.

On an earlier model Soundblaster (128?), we needed to use emu-dspmgr 
and change the routing on the card to avoid this problem. On this card, 
the similar routing trick doesn't seem to work.

Has anyone seen this and found a solution?

   Dwight D. McKay, Technical Architect
   Envision Center for Data Perceptualization, Office of the VP for IT, 
Purdue University
   mckay at purdue.edu / 765.494.4481 [VOICE] / 765.496.7264 [FAX] / STEW 

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