[AG-TECH] distance learning

Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at bu.edu
Mon Apr 5 15:25:58 CDT 2004

Hi Ron,

I'm sure people will have *tons* of info for you on this!

One course I'm aware of (as a success story) is the joint HPC course 
Roger Edberg presented about at the 2002 AG Retreat. For a link to his 
slides and paper, go to:


And either scroll down about 1/3 of the page, or just search for "Edberg".

Also, Leslie Southern wrote up an excellent report about AG use in 
distance ed training workshops held by PACS Training a couple years ago. 
  But for the life of me I can't find the link to her paper (it was from 
a CUG users group, I seem to recall). Does anybody out there have the link?

- Jennifer

Ron Crummett wrote:

> Hello -
> I have a question regarding the use of AccessGrid for distance
> learning.  We are looking for success or horror stories of people who
> have tried it.
> I am working on a project right now for University of Idaho
> Aquaculture Center located in southern Idaho.  The researchers at the
> Aquaculture Center have grants to provide "distance learning" classes
> to several native American tribe reservations located throughout the
> Pacific Northwest and are looking at AccessGrid as a possible means
> of accomplishing this goal.  They have other more traditional
> collaborative uses but this one brings in the grant money.
> The Aquaculture Center will have a DS-3 to Internet 2 with multicast
> connectivity, so connecting to AccessGrid shouldn't be an issue for
> them.  I am assuming unicast connectivity over the regular internet
> from the various reservations, so they will have to connect over a
> quickbridge or VRVS.  I am planning on configuring the main node to
> also act as a bridge server, thereby allowing these "remote" sites to
> connect in.
> Now, the big question on the whole thing is this:  is this a valid
> use of AccessGrid?  I'll be honest in saying that it seems like a
> great idea to me, but at the same time I don't want any surprises.
> Thanks for the help and I look forward to hearing your responses.  We
> are looking at a very large investment and don't want to lead them
> down the wrong path.
> -Ron Crummett
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