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Anchored in the newly constructed technology-enhanced Pittsburgh convention 
center, SC Global 2004 will link Access Grid communities from around the 
world to exchange ideas through highly informative talks, papers, panels 
and BOFs on topics of interest to attendees.

SC Global 2004 will focus on traditional SC technical program content, as 
well as the showcase of collaborative technologies for which SC Global has 
traditionally been known. The SC Global committee looks forward to 
receiving proposals for a wide variety of sessions, ranging from technical 
papers on cluster architecture, to panels on grid middleware, to 
birds-of-a-feathers on international networking.

By their nature, most successful proposals for the SC Global program will 
be collaborative undertakings. Therefore, proposals will be reviewed not 
only for their technical excellence, but also for their feasibility as an 
AG event. However, presenters do not need to have an Access Grid node if 
they will be presenting from the conference site in Pittsburgh.

** How to Submit a Proposal for the SC Global Program: **
- Start at the SC04 proposal submission web site
- Register as a user of the site, and log in
- In the pull-down menu at the top of the screen, select the type of 
session you would like to submit:
    - Technical Papers (with SC Global option)
    - Panels (with SC Global option)
    - Birds of a Feather (with SC Global option), or
    - SCG Showcase

- Follow the directions to fill out the appropriate form.

Questions? Comments? Send mail to scglobal04 at sc-conference.org .

Jackie Kern, NCSA, SC Global Chair 2004
On behalf of the SC Global 2004 Committee:
Michael Daw,University of Manchester, Deputy Chair
Ivan Judson, ANL, Technical Director
Jeff Schwab, Purdue, General Producer
Jim Miller,inSORS, Node Manager
Julie Mullen, WPI, Archivist
Jennifer Teig von Hoffman, BU, Communications Liason
Paul Wefel, NCSA, Networking Liaison
Michael Robson, University of Manchester, Networking Specialist
Wenjun Liu,University of Chicago/ANL, Evaluation Specialist
Markus Buchhorn, ANU, Asia Pacific Remote Node Manager
Tiki Suarez,FAMU, Volunteer/Education Liaison
Kazuyuki Shudo, AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and 
Technology) , Outreach Specialist, Asia/Pacific
Amado Gonzalez, Florida International University, Outreach Specialist, MSI
Randy Groves, Boeing, Floor Manager
Cindy Seivers,LANL, North America Remote Site Manager
Jonathan Tyman, Internet2, Recording Specialist

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