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Ron Crummett roncrummett at mail.caynetco.com
Mon Apr 5 14:35:12 CDT 2004

Hello - 

I have a question regarding the use of AccessGrid for distance learning.  We are looking for success or horror stories of people who have tried it.

I am working on a project right now for University of Idaho Aquaculture Center located in southern Idaho.  The researchers at the Aquaculture Center have grants to provide "distance learning" classes to several native American tribe reservations located throughout the Pacific Northwest and are looking at AccessGrid as a possible means of accomplishing this goal.  They have other more traditional collaborative uses but this one brings in the grant money.

The Aquaculture Center will have a DS-3 to Internet 2 with multicast connectivity, so connecting to AccessGrid shouldn't be an issue for them.  I am assuming unicast connectivity over the regular internet from the various reservations, so they will have to connect over a quickbridge or VRVS.  I am planning on configuring the main node to also act as a bridge server, thereby allowing these "remote" sites to connect in.

Now, the big question on the whole thing is this:  is this a valid use of AccessGrid?  I'll be honest in saying that it seems like a great idea to me, but at the same time I don't want any surprises.  Thanks for the help and I look forward to hearing your responses.  We are looking at a very large investment and don't want to lead them down the wrong path.

-Ron Crummett

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