[AG-TECH] MOO and MatchMaker

Ron Crummett roncrummett at mail.caynetco.com
Fri Apr 2 15:20:26 CST 2004

Hello - 

I was just looking through all of the documentation available on the AGDP site and I found a paper about how to use the MOO.

Good question.  As for me, I really don't know what the MOO is, and reading the paper made me somewhat more curious about its purpose.  It seems to me like it is for text messaging between connected nodes in a venue; is this not the same thing that the text window at the bottom of the AG client window is for?  Or maybe MOO is more for AG 1.x and the text window is new to 2.x?  I don't know, I've only used version 2.x and am still new to that.  Anyone who is well-versed in the ways of MOO and its necessity, particularly for a full-room node, please help me out here.

(Just a side note:  are we trying to make a farm here?  AG, MOO, PIG...)

Another question, regarding that mysterious little box called the MatchMaker.  What does that do?  It seems to me from what I have read that it is the "middleman" in connecting the echo-canceller to the PC, but $400 seems a bit steep for such a box.  Are there other reasons for its use, or is there a cheaper alternative?  Thanks.

-Ron Crummett

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