[AG-TECH] MOO and MatchMaker

Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at bu.edu
Fri Apr 2 16:10:09 CST 2004

A short and oversimplified answer: AG 1.x used a MOO for backchannel 
text chat, and a bunch of us still hang out there even when we're not on 
the AG, frequently (but not always) to chat about the AG.

There's a doc on the AGDP specifically for people looking to hang out 
with us on this MOO.


We're generally a friendly bunch there. Laughter and silliness are 
certainly not unheard of.

- Jennifer

Ron Crummett wrote:

> Good question.  As for me, I really don't know what the MOO is, and
> reading the paper made me somewhat more curious about its purpose.
> It seems to me like it is for text messaging between connected nodes
> in a venue; is this not the same thing that the text window at the
> bottom of the AG client window is for?  Or maybe MOO is more for AG
> 1.x and the text window is new to 2.x?  I don't know, I've only used
> version 2.x and am still new to that.  Anyone who is well-versed in
> the ways of MOO and its necessity, particularly for a full-room node,
> please help me out here.

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