[AG-TECH] Re: AG Installation

Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at bu.edu
Mon Nov 24 08:30:31 CST 2003

Hi Lee,

Hmm, that's strange behavior; I don't believe the lack of multicast 
would have any effect on the "request certificate" function. Does it 
just not respond at all, or does it give you any kind of error message? 
I'm also not sure why you'd need to run the Node Setup wizard on a 
personal node, but perhaps I'm just missing something here.

I'm cc-ing ag-tech, since I haven't seen anything like this before but 
perhaps somebody else has.


Lee Derks wrote:

> Hi Jennifer,
>     I'm sorry to bother you with AG software installation questions, but we
> are trying to set up an AG PIG at the TVN main office. As of today,
> multicast is not enabled on our router but it will be by Monday. I went to
> the Access Grid software page and downloaded Python 2.2, wxPython 2.4, and
> the AG Toolkit 2.1.2. I also installed the software in that order. I do not
> have a Globus security certificate. When I try requesting a certificate
> through the program "Request Certificate," the application does not do
> anything. Do I need to launch other applications before I can request a
> certificate? Or, is it because Multicast is not enabled? I also tried
> launching the program "Node Setup Wizard" and that did not work either.
> Thank you for your help
> Lee Derks

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