[AG-TECH] wrong mixer channel in Linux Rat - solved

Andrew Daviel advax at triumf.ca
Fri Nov 21 17:33:55 CST 2003

..not by me, though

I bought a "soundblaster 128" card as recommended by AG docs. Nowadays
that's a "Ensoniq 5880 AudioPCI", according to lspci.
The transmit level slider in Rat for "line in" was changing the amount of
feedback of microphones into the sound system, not the level of microphone
(via EC and line-in) onto the network, which was controlled by Igain in
the mixer - a bit confusing for users.

I thought I'd go hack it, and found it already fixed by Stuart Levy in
auddev_oss.c in the AG RAT v4.2.23. Our card wasn't detected as AC97
compliant but I see I can set the environment variable OSS_IS_AC97

So I placed "export OSS_IS_AC97=1" in /etc/profile which should
set it for everyone (similar setenv in /etc/csh.cshrc for C-shell users)

(OSS_IS_AC97 had only 2 hits on Google, so I thought I'd post this...)

Andrew Daviel, TRIUMF, Canada
Tel. +1 (604) 222-7376
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