[AG-TECH] AGTK-2.1.1 Windows XP Installation

Lee Derks derksl at unm.edu
Fri Nov 21 11:52:32 CST 2003


    I am trying to establish an AG PIG in Windows XP Professional. I 
downloaded AGTK-2.1.1b, Python-2.2.3, and wxPythonWIN32- I 
installed the software in the following order: Python, wxPython, and AGTK. 
After the files from the AGTK are installed, the Globus runtime 
environment setup application never starts (the check mark was checked 
next to Globus runtime environment setup). When I try clicking on the 
other AG applications, they do not launch either. Is this because 
Multicast is not yet enabled? It will be enabled on Monday.

Thank you,
Lee Derks
Lee Derks
UNM Undergrad
derksL at unm.edu

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