[AG-TECH] End of life for Redhat

Steve Slocombe s-slocombe at northwestern.edu
Thu Nov 6 11:38:37 CST 2003

This has stimulated quite a lot of discussion amongst our users and we are going to try and arrange a
conference call with "Redhat" to discuss licensing issues etc.
Anyone know if they have an AG node?  It would make for an interesting event if they do.

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> Don't know how many of you have received this note, but I got a 
> notification from Redhat that support for 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 and 
> 8.0 is ending 
> at the end of this year, and support for RH 9 will end in 
> April of next year.
> And they will not be creating any new versions of Red Hat Linux.  The 
> choices are either going the fully supported route, with some 
> version of 
> Red Hat Enterprise, or hanging completely free with the 
> 'Fedora' project.
> I can probably justify moving some of my machines to some version of 
> Enterprise (although the fact that many of the 'server' 
> applications are 
> not supported in the Basic version might make it more 
> difficult), but I'm 
> guessing that it poses a potential long term problem for Access Grid.
> Will there now be an effort to move to a different platform 
> as a standard?
> -randy

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