[AG-TECH] installation problems for ag2.1.2

Thomas D. Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Nov 6 09:53:42 CST 2003


I need more information to understand the problem.  If you send logfiles 
from the display machine, I'm sure I can fix the problem for you right 
away.  I need the following files from C:\Documents and 
Settings\<YOU>\Application Data\AccessGrid: 




Deb Agarwal wrote:

> I was running ag2.1.1 and needed to upgrade to 2.1.2 for a demo
> today but things appear to have gone wrong somewhere.  This is
> on my node with one winXP box and two linux boxes.  On the linux
> boxes I did not uninstall anything and just ran the 2.1.2 install.sh.
> Everything seemed to work fine there and the service managers run
> on those machines.  On the winxp box I uninstalled the AG2.1.1 (
> but left wxpython or Activepython).  Then I installed AG2.1.2 and
> everything seemed to go fine.  I then imported my certificate and
> proceeded to run the venue client.  The venue client ran fine and
> connected to the venue server but it did not run vic.  So, then
> I tried the manage node option on the menus but it said that the
> service manager was not running.  So, I tried running a service
> manager in its own window.  I still can't get the venue client to
> connect to the service manager.  Then I tried running the configure
> node python script in the Access Grid Toolkit and configuring things
> that way.  I answer the questions, and printouts start appearing in the
> service manager window and the vid and aud machine service managers
> show various text printouts but the display machine service manager
> eventually gets an exception trying to start something on the
> display machine and gives up.
> Any idea what I did wrong?  I will not be near the machine today
> but I need to generate a set of instructions for one of my
> colleagues to follow and get the display machine running properly.
> Any suggestions on how I can get things running with the simplest
> set of instructions (I realize this may be uninstall everything)?
> Thanks for any help.
> Deb Agarwal

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