[AG-TECH] display manager not receiving correct display

George.C.Jackson at erdc.usace.army.mil George.C.Jackson at erdc.usace.army.mil
Thu Nov 6 17:24:45 CST 2003

Hi all,

I was recently put in charge of an access grid node and am having problems
seeing the camera views on the display manager.

Our setup is much like the one in the 'Building an Acess Grid Node'
document. Went in yesterday and brought everything up. The only problem is
that instead of seeing what the camera is seeing, the video server (agvideo)
seems to be transmitting its own screen, showing the Video Resource Manager
on the linux desktop in the thumbnail windows on the Win2K display PC.

I've double-checked cable connections and settings and everything appears to
be in place. Also, no network problems have been discovered. I know the
cameras are on and broadcasting because they are also hooked to a small
monitor and show the correct conference room views. Anyone have an idea why
I'm getting my video server screen instead of a camera view in my venues
display? All other nodes from other sites come in fine.

My venues.accessgrid.org location info is Institution Lobby --> U.S. Army
Corps of Engineers and is running now.

George Jackson
Linux Systems Administrator
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