[AG-TECH] audio & RedHat 8.0

bernholdtde at ornl.gov bernholdtde at ornl.gov
Fri Mar 21 17:51:21 CST 2003

A couple of days ago I asked about audio drivers under RH8.  I got a
couple of responses saying that they were successfully using the
standard audio drivers that come with the RH distribution.

I thought I should report my experience, for the archives...

RH identified my card as an Ensoniq 5880 (if I recall correctly).  I
could get things to work, but not in the way the "should".  In
particular, the gain controls in the rat had no effect on the "talk"
level.  IGain in the mixer panel controlled that.  And it was also
feeding our output back to the speakers at a low level.

I then installed the latest commercial OSS driver and everything
started working exactly as it should.

I suspect at least some of the problems I experienced were due to the
way RAT interfaces with the mixer, and expecting things that were
different from what my drivers were doing. (This from looking at
ChangeLogs associated with RAT.)  But the simplest way to get things
working was just to go to the "real" OSS drivers.
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