[AG-TECH] Multi-head AGP video cards, anyone?

Bob Riddle bdr at internet2.edu
Tue Mar 18 07:00:20 CST 2003

The Parhelia works well for me, instead of using the 4th display for the 
operator console, I use the 3 projected displays as my "console" as well 
as my "video space", since part of what I hope to show is how "easy" it 
is to use the AG.

just my $.02 worth

Osland, CD (Chris) wrote:

>I looked everywhere for a 4-head AGP card at a recent trade show;
>as you say, all of them seem to be PCI.  The only chink in the
>armour is the Matrox Parhelia, with three outputs, on AGP.
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>Subject: [AG-TECH] Multi-head AGP video cards, anyone?
>If there's a knowledgeable AG source on the net, please point me in that 
>It's been a while since I've seen recommendations for multi-head cards on 
>this list, and I'm in the market for a quad AGP card that will allow me to 
>do separate resolution and true multi-monitor.  I've been trolling through 
>the Matrox, Nvidia, ATI and others, but nothing's struck my eye at this 
>point - perhaps I've missed it.
>Does such an animal exist?  I've got a Nvidia 400 NVS, and a Matrox G200 
>MMS, both of which are PCI.  But these seem to be harder to come by as time 
>goes on.

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