[AG-TECH] New Node Assitance Please - Inbound audio & video freezes

Maat, Steve maats at wssu.edu
Thu Mar 13 12:50:17 CST 2003

Far as I can tell - seems to stay green where everyone else is green.

Would the beacon server be able to catch errors if my received streams are
back to normal before the beacon server completes one refresh cycle?

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The beacon looks good even during an episode of "freezing"?

- Greg Bell, LBNL

Maat, Steve wrote:

> That is what I figured - although the beacon looked good with my 
> untrained eye and stats in vic/rat looked good as well until the freeze.
> Network guys weren't available last night, but they indicated that 
> there was nothing out of the ordinary occuring locally - 
> unfortunately, since this is a new node, I haven't established what 
> ordinary is yet as far as multicast goes...
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>     At 12:57 PM 3/13/2003 -0500, Maat, Steve wrote:
>>     I am trying to isolate a problem that occured yesterday during
>>     Open Testing where our inbound audio & video would periodically 
>>     freeze (approx ever 5 minutes). This is a new node and -- any
>>     assistance/advice would be appreciated...
>     That sounds like a multicast routing problem.
>>     CPU & memory looks good on all machines as far as I can tell (TOP
>>     & Task Manager). The only error messages I see are on the Video
>>     Capture machine:
>>     vic: Unregister caught error can't unset "ag_slot_allocated
>>     (-0159)": no such variable
>>     vic: Source was zz at xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
>>     This occurs numerous times with the Source info and
>>     "ag_slot_allocated" number varying.
>     Yah, those are innocuous; side effects of the autoplace code.
>     --bob 

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