[AG-TECH] New Node Assitance Please - Inbound audio & video freezes

Maat, Steve maats at wssu.edu
Thu Mar 13 12:20:54 CST 2003

That is what I figured - although the beacon looked good with my untrained
eye and stats in vic/rat looked good as well until the freeze.
Network guys weren't available last night, but they indicated that there was
nothing out of the ordinary occuring locally - unfortunately, since this is
a new node, I haven't established what ordinary is yet as far as multicast

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At 12:57 PM 3/13/2003 -0500, Maat, Steve wrote:

I am trying to isolate a problem that occured yesterday during Open Testing
where our inbound audio & video would periodically  freeze (approx ever 5
minutes). This is a new node and -- any assistance/advice would be

That sounds like a multicast routing problem.

CPU & memory looks good on all machines as far as I can tell (TOP & Task
Manager). The only error messages I see are on the Video Capture machine:

vic: Unregister caught error can't unset "ag_slot_allocated (-0159)": no
such variable 
vic: Source was zz at xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx 

This occurs numerous times with the Source info and "ag_slot_allocated"
number varying. 

Yah, those are innocuous; side effects of the autoplace code.


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