[AG-TECH] still testing our firewall

Andrew Shewmaker` shewa at inel.gov
Mon Mar 3 11:19:43 CST 2003


We are still testing our firewall.  It seems like we are able to either
see/hear everyone or be seen/heard, but not both at the same time.  We
would appreciate anyone who could come into the test room to verify that
they can see our video and hear our audio as we are attempting to move our
node inside our firewall.  I believe we will be testing all day until we
get it.

We don't really need anyone to stay for a long time.  If someone could
bring up one of our video streams on their screen and point a camera at it,
then that would help us tremendously.  Also, if someone could turn on
their speakers, play some music, and maybe disable echo counseling, we
would appreciate it.  It was kind of nice when SDSC did that...in case no one
was active in the test room.



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