[AG-TECH] bandwidth slider max 128Kb/s ??

Douglas Baggett dbaggett at nsf.gov
Tue Jun 24 10:34:26 CDT 2003

Thanks for the information. I'll be sure to check it out.

Not to get TOO off topic, since I should probably post this to the ovic 
mailing list, but I did download the Beta ovic this morning and tried to 
get it running with a videum video capture card (on win2k) but all I 
could get was a pitch black in the ovic window display (and it was being 
transmitted too). I didn't have too much time to troubleshoot it, so it 
might be something trivial. I don't have much experience with the videum 
capture cards since the system it was installed was installed by InSors. 
If I continue to have issues I'll try to post something on the other 
mailing list.

Anyway I thought I might mention it anyhow in case you knew anything 
concerning that piece of hardware. Thanks again for the tip on modifying 
the vic preferences.

Doug B
CISE/NSF/OAD Network/AG Grid Administrator

Lawrence A. Rowe wrote:

>hi -
>i don't know how uclvic works but omvic changes the range of bandwidth
>allowed based on the TTL.  the idea is that global sessions (i.e., 127)
>are not allowed to send more than 200 Kbs so that means roughly 128 Kbs
>video, 64 Kbs audio, and 10+ Kbs for everything else.  if you set a
>different TTL (e.g., 64), you are on a different network -- practically
>speaking I2 and connected campuses and organizations -- which has much
>greater bandwidth, so the limits are very different.
>i suspect it would be very easy to change these settings.
>and, allan, i think uclvic still checks the prefs file, even on win32
>platforms.  so, if you put the command into %HOME%/.mash/prefs-vic it
>should be read by the tool on startup.
>	larry

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