[AG-TECH] bandwidth slider max 128Kb/s ??

Lawrence A. Rowe Rowe at bmrc.berkeley.edu
Mon Jun 23 02:08:40 CDT 2003

hi -

i don't know how uclvic works but omvic changes the range of bandwidth
allowed based on the TTL.  the idea is that global sessions (i.e., 127)
are not allowed to send more than 200 Kbs so that means roughly 128 Kbs
video, 64 Kbs audio, and 10+ Kbs for everything else.  if you set a
different TTL (e.g., 64), you are on a different network -- practically
speaking I2 and connected campuses and organizations -- which has much
greater bandwidth, so the limits are very different.

i suspect it would be very easy to change these settings.

and, allan, i think uclvic still checks the prefs file, even on win32
platforms.  so, if you put the command into %HOME%/.mash/prefs-vic it
should be read by the tool on startup.
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