[AG-TECH] MUD port in AG 2.0

Rohn Wood rohn at selway.umt.edu
Fri Jun 6 16:23:14 CDT 2003

    Sorry if this has been asked/answered -- I searched the archives, 
but could not narrow down the search in a timely fashion.

The 1.x version of the MUD uses an old knapster port which is blocked 
at some sites, throttled at others (ours) thus resulting in bad 
performance.  Since I notice in the 2.0 announcements that the 
transition venues for integrating 1.x and 2.x clients do not support 
the 1.x MUD can I conclude that the MUD port number will be changed 
away from the troublesome old knapster port?   We have not had the time 
or equipment yet to bring up 2.0, but it is in the plans.


Rohn Wood
University of Montana

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