[AG-TECH] Multiple Hauppauge cards

Ti Leggett leggett at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Jul 30 13:28:07 CDT 2003

For whatever reason the kernel is only seeing 2 cards and it should be
seeing 4 (4 is the max default for the kernel to recognize). When you
boot, is there a way to see what the BIOS thinks is installed? Some
BIOS' will show a listing of devices before booting (you can hit the
scroll lock button to freeze the screen so it doesn't flash by before
booting). Are you sure all 4 cards work. Try removing two cards and
seeing if the other two are still seen. If they are, remove those two
and replace with the others to see if they seen. Also, what does the
file /etc/modules.conf contain?

On Wed, 2003-07-30 at 13:09, Kabe VanderBaan wrote:
>  > What does do the commands lspci and dmesg report as far as cards go?

<snip snip>

> Ti Leggett wrote:
> > What does do the commands lspci and dmesg report as far as cards go?
> > 
> > On Wed, 2003-07-30 at 11:34, Kabe VanderBaan wrote:
> > 
> >>All,
> >>I am using a Dell Optiplex GX150 and trying to install 4 hauppauge cards under Linux. 
> >>   However, only 2 cards are being recognized.
> >>I already updated the Bios to the most recent version (A10).
> >>
> >>The archives on AG-TECH seem to all point to upgrading the BIOS.  But this did not 
> >>solve my problem.
> >>
> >>1) Is anyone successfully using a GX150 under Linux w/more than 2 Cards? (Hauppauge 
> >>or Osprey, etc).
> >>2) Does anyone have any ideas/pointers on how to solve this problem?
> >>
> >>I am trying to install the AG 1.0 software to do some testing.
> >>Steps:
> >>1) install redhat 9.0
> >>2) install ag-tech rpms from 
> >>http://ag-tech.mcs.anl.gov/reldb/repository/releases/agib/snapshots/snap-006/
> >>3) execute /usr/local/ag/bin/video-config
> >>
> >>(video-config only recognizes 2 cards being installed.
> >>
> >>Thanks,
> >>Kabe
> > 
> > 

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